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 three big evils

My takes on male maleficent, Male Ursula and female Hades.

I love painting fantasy and none human colored skin! Hope you guys like ^_^

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vi. bad behavior (from two terrified women and an outlaw. the pirate’s okay today and the kid didn’t ask for any of this)


She’s trying. She really is. Whatever she may have let slip at the park, it doesn’t matter in the scheme of things because Emma is her friend and Henry is their son and she can’t begin to imagine life without either of those constants anymore.

So she dashes off a quick text the next day, Dinner tonight? Might as well bring the pirate, because she is perfectly all right with Emma having a boyfriend and she is determined to let her know that before everything they have falls apart.

Emma is too prone to avoiding her problems and Regina will not allow herself to become one of them.

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  • Hook: I love Emma
  • Zelena: THEN KISS HER
  • Hook: I can't she's gay!
  • Zelena:
  • Zelena:
  • Zelena: I didn't think this through...

wellthatsembarassing asked: Prompt: Emma or Regina likes to steal the others clothes. They think they are getting away with it till someone mentions it at Granny's one day


Pre-Swan Queen: AU after Season 1

Although the present arrangement was neither simple or an easy one, it truly did allow the best of both worlds for the only person who mattered.


Upon arriving home from the hospital after the curse had been broken, the young boy could not settle in properly with his grandparents, and not just because the apartment only had two bedrooms.

"It’s just," He had first mentioned to Emma, as they sat in a booth at Granny’s Diner late on Monday evening. "I guess it’s not what I’m used to."

"Hey, don’t worry kid." Emma had told him. "I totally get it - I know what’s going on.”

"You do?" He had asked with hopeful, wide eyes, and Emma recalled the feeling of her stomach sink. 

"Sure." She had responded. "You miss your Mom, don’t you?" 

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Fallout. (Swan Queen) (1.)


I don’t even know if this makes sense since I literally wrote everything that popped in my head. 

And this is completely unedited and jumbled (like most that I am posting) and very, very raw. 


Emma took a deep breath as she surveyed her surroundings. She stood at the top of the hill that overlooked an area that was once known as Storybrooke. She thought there was a memory of a place with smiling faces and purple clouds and husky voices but there was nothing except waking up a few days ago at a make shift camp site in a dry and ugly world with a small boy, her son, and a dog with the name “pongo” etched into a oval dog tag around his neck. 

The air smelt like a little like sulfur and salt, the ocean looked toxic but relieving in this hot weather, and the land was a mangled mess of half standing buildings and trees and dry ground. The sky was swirling with purple and turquoise and green stripes of energy, similar to the aurora borealis, and it kept the little boy occupied while she search around their camp site for any indication of their past. 

There was nothing. 

And now, with food running on empty and stomachs aching with hunger, Emma looked out over the edge at the half standing town in wonder. 

What had happened here and how long have they been in this state?


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I feel there should be more of this…

If their conversation wouldn't have been interrupted by that creepy noise...

  • Snow: We've come a long way.
  • Regina: What do you mean?
  • Snow: You saved my life and you became my stepmother, then I kind of was responsible for the death of your first love which is why you swore to make my life miserable and cursed a whole land. Now you're doing what you can to protect my unborn child.
  • Regina: And I'm sleeping with your daughter.
  • Snow: Which I'm kind of trying not to think about too hard.